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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sales of iPod Video

Sales of new iPod video is surprisingly good, because no research has been carried out on the market and customer needs and requirements.

A possible disadvantage could be that the sale is bad publicity. This refers to the vulnerability, a negative image on the screen is easy on the surface of a variety of other functions crabs. However, increase sales by its success as a young man, very busy people who travel a lot.

Some studies show that, instead of the iPod video success and publicity the Amazon online business model of the popular iPod Nano. Sales, expectations and other stores sell better than the popular iPod. These sales prices can be high due to the high capacity, video features and reasonable. From this perspective, think that the election of members of the iPod attracts more MP3 users. Thus, a new direction and new users in the light of the higher turnover appeared with new video iPod.

Another aspect of the great sales concerns the fact the new iPod video is not a competitor for the TV industry, but more a complementary device. Although the rating of some TV shows or films may lower, the iPod video may also contribute to the fame extend of some TV shows or films. The sales may be also triggered by the trendy urban lifestyle and capacity of influencing the preferences and needs of the others. The fact that the episodes of the TV series such is the case of “Lost” or “Desperate Housewives” may have contributed to the great success and great sales of the new edition of the iPod.

Other sales were going up as they developed from the new edition of the iPod and this is the case of the iTunes Music Store. In this type of store you may buy episodes of the famous TV series, music videos and pictures. The parallel development of two complementary services – the handheld video device and the special store for it - is a great achievement. Besides, the iPod is the best selling music online store and it will probably be the best music video online store. The sales may also rise due to the new available TV series or TV shows of the famous TV Channels.

Taking into account the fact that the iPod is the best seller in the United States, being the most successful music player, it was easy to predict high sales for the new edition, even it is a video iPod. The prices were lower as the lower-cost players were introduced on the market in the last years, but the nano edition has increased the prices. With the new iPod video the price has been pushed beyond the average selling price.

That is why the sales of 100 iPods every minute may seem not surprising at all and sales of 14 millions in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2006 are considered not bad at all for such a company. The sales for the iPod video may also rise together with the spreading worldwide of the popularity of this edition of iPod.

Nevertheless, sales of two of the video iPod. Explode sales in some cases, other types of publications, or a new video IPod and outselling determined a great success. However, the maximum sales at the expense of new capabilities, long battery life, more power and more memory space enough for a lot of music, music videos, TV shows and episodes, photos, and more in the photo. These features and improvements for the new video IPod is so popular and fashionable. These and other issues (games and other cities and other useful functions for time to explore the possibility to check e-mail), agrees well with the modern lifestyle.


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