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Friday, March 23, 2012

Apple will Protect Users List Contact Products

Apple will Protect Users List Contact Products

Apple on Wednesday said that the application developer must request permission from users before getting the contact information stored in the popular gadget that, in a move to address concerns about security.

Manufacturer of the iPhone, iPad, iPod and it does a firm step after two U.S. lawmakers questioned whether the applications on the California-based company's gadget could access personal data without permission from the user.
"Applications that collect or send contact data users without their permission prior violate our terms," said Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr, in an email to AFP.

"We are trying to create better conditions to our customers, and we've done with the service location, all the applications you want to access contact data must receive permission from the user in the launch of the next software," he said.

Member of Parliament Henry Waxman and G.K. Butterfield sent a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook said after reports that social networking applications and to save Path collects address information without asking the user.

"This incident raises the question whether the policies and practices of Apple's IOS application developers may not be able to achieve appropriate standards for the protection of iPhone users and their contacts," they said.

Waxman, a Democrat from California, and Butterfield, a Democrat from North Carolina, asking "how many apps in the iTunes Store U.S. IOS to send information from address book?

"How many of those who ask for user permission before sending their contact information?" The second asks parliamentarians again.

In a blog post last week, the founder and CEO of Path, David Morin, apologizing for the upload address information without asking for permission.

"We made mistakes," said Morin. "We are very sorry if you feel uncomfortable with the application using your phone contacts."

Path launched its advanced applications that have been modified to ask users whether their contact data can be used to help connect them with friends and family in social networking.

Apple reviewing an application made by independent software developers before the Apps Store are listed online.
Apple managed to sell 37 million iPhones in the last quarter of last year and an increase in sales of iPad is something "that was never suspected anyone," Cook said on Tuesday at a conference in San Francisco.

Apple shares, which rose 500 U.S. dollars (about USD 4.5 million) on Monday, down 2.31 percent on Wednesday and closed the position of U.S. $ 497.67 (approximately USD 4.4 million)


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