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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Apple's Success as Google

Apple's Success as Google

CANBERRA - Kogan Technologies founder, Ruslan Kogan said that Google is the reason for Apple to be successful. As the richest man in Australia, Kogan is also a fan of Google and all things done by the search engines.

"Without Google, Apple is not going to be okay. They may have cell phones and the tablet works but the application is fit for use every person on the iPhone and iPad are made by Google, like Google Maps," Kogan said as quoted by TechRadar.

"Google could have Apple annoy them only by making application on Android tablet, because they have the power," he added.

Even so, it does not mean Kogan did not admire the popularity of Apple. Actually, he believes that no company, including Apple's own could pursue. "We're not trying to compete with Apple.

We were never able to make a tablet like the iPad, we do not have the resources. But what we do is listen to our community," said Kogan.

Presented Kogan, the company uses the forum to ask people to deliver what they want. "If they want a cheap Android tablet, then that is what we provide," he continued.

"Apple is working in a different scope. They give a premium 'taste' for its products and very loyal fans to pay for it all," he concluded.


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