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Friday, March 23, 2012

Blackberry Ready to Compete at European Market

Blackberry Ready to Compete at European Market

Blackberry ready to fight in the European market. Vendor Canadian smartphone and tablet is claimed to have set up a new operating system.

"The latest operating system for BlackBerry is ready to compete in European markets," said Chief Executive Thorsten Heins to 2,000 developers on Thursday. According to Reuters, it implies confidence in RIM's long-term.

Canada-based company has lost market share and market value after the competition from Apple, Google and Samsung. RIM have launched the latest QNX-based operating system to improve its image after last year's launch delay, failure, and anxiety tablet Playbook shareholders.

"The new smart phone market still has great opportunities for us, consumers and businesses," says Heins.
In his first official speech in BlackBerry developer conference in Amsterdam, Heins said he will always hear the input and criticism of the developers, RIM will continue to innovate, and QNX operating system will boost grow RIM devices.

Heins who served as CEO on January 23 after the resignation of the duo-founder and former CEO of RIM, promising siginifican sales at the end of this year and become the new paradigm of users when using it at home, car, tablets and smart phone.

RIM held its first meeting developers in Europe with 2,000 participants who focus on creating applications for the latest BlackBerry and tablet Playbook. RIM is hoping a new device that can compete with the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

"RIM takes time to move fully into the QNX operating system. If RIM device is ready, the device will provide an exciting experience, strong technical platform and better service to consumers over the next decade," said Kevin Michaluk, CrackBerry.com Founder of the page and conference participants.

"IOS Apple is well developed, but is actually a mobile operating system IOS is the oldest, older than Android, WebOS, Windows Phone OS.10 while the BlackBerry is a new mobile platform," he said.

In December, delaying the launch of RIM BlackBerry smart phones based OS.10 until the end of 2012 as it is awaiting the availability of high-powered chip.

Heins did not notify the developer when a new mobile phone that will surprise the market, but he reiterated that new smart phone will appear "year end". The operating system update is eagerly awaited Playbook will come the end of February.

Heins cites a report stating GfK market BlackBerry is still number one in the UK, Spain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and the Netherlands. There are two billion apps downloaded in BlackBerry App World and Six million RIM BlackBerry applications that are downloaded every day. "


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