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Sunday, March 25, 2012

India Sell Android Tablet Worth $ 30

India Sell Android Tablet Worth $ 30

Ghiboo.com - Forget the iPad, Galaxy Tab, and many other popular tablet, as in India, there are air-OS Android tablets that are sold at a price much cheap. Like quoted from Slashgear, Friday (16/3), tablet called The Aakash was created specifically for students in the country. The price offered was pretty cheap, at around USD 30.

Is The Aakash can be compared with iPad or Galaxy Tab? Certainly not if you look at the ability of this tablet is not possible to run many demanding applications.

One thing to question is how DataWind, the creator of The Aakash is based in the UK, can cut costs so that the tablet can be priced cheaply.

If you see from the specifications, the tablet which was a second generation of the Aakash is only equipped with low-resolution 7-inch screen. The processor used is the ARM Cortex-A8 700MHz single-core processors with support for the battery can only last 3 hours.

This specification has increased compared to the first-generation tablet use 366MHz ARM 11 processor with a battery life of 2 hours.

The Aakash is intended for students who need a medium for browsing and typing is easy to carry and inexpensive. However, this tablet is capable of playing videos properly.

source : ghiboo.com


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