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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nokia Unveils 41 Megapixel Camera Phone

Nokia Unveils 41 Megapixel Camera Phone

A 41 megapixel mobile phone? That which has introduced the Nokia Mobile World Congress, the phone presents PureView 8O8.

Nokia 808 Nokia Symbian-based PureView Belle, is launched with two types of other Nokia phone the smart phone series and cellular Lumia Asha series.

Nokia is exclusively using Carl Zeis camera in its products. In addition to Carl Zeis camera, Nokia complement PureView with wide sensor and processor, to produce very high resolution images.

The device has a 41 megapixel sensor with Carl Zeiss optics. There are also Dolby Headphone technology, where Nokia can change the content of stereo sound into personal experience. So it is with Dolby Digital Plus for 5.1.

Nokia plans to move PureView technology to other devices, but currently only available on Symbian phone that will fit into the European market in May at a price of 450 Euro.

The launch made by the President & CEO of Nokia, Stephen Ilop, Executive Vice President of Smart Devices Nokia, Jo Harlow, Nokia along with several other officials.

Vice President, Product Marketing Smart Devices Nokia, Ilari Nurmi, say, with high image quality, consumers want to spoil Nokia mobile phone that has a hobby of photography.

There is some confusion of what exactly is the meaning of 41 megapixel camera. In simple terms, Nokia describes the camera can take a lot of information. In fact, you can take pictures with a resolution of 5, 8, 38 megapixels, giving users the ability to magnify images with great detail.

"You can see the original object is not visible in your photo to zoom in, without losing image quality," said Nurmi.

PureView will be marketed in the second or third quarter of 2012. PureView priced at 450 Euros.
Besides images, PureView also pamper customers with personal Dolby surround sound effects for video.

Nokia also announced plans to expand mobile Lumia Windows Phone.

One of the new model 610 target Lumia target young children. The price is 189 euros (253 dollars) in the most affordable of the four models sold Lumia.

Lumia 610 comes with Microsoft's Xbox Live games and features of Nokia services, including Nokia Transport. which provides a schedule of tram, bus, train in a number of countries.


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