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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Removing the Apple iPad Mini Plans This Year?

Removing the Apple iPad Mini Plans This Year?

A leaked document from the investment bank Samsung revealed that the company believes Apple plans to release a set of "mini iPad" sail 7 inches in the third quarter of this year. According to observers pages Apple, Apple Insider, OLED-Display.net claim to have an official document, dated December 2011, from "an unnamed user" in the Samsung.

According to the research, which addresses the AMOLED industry, analysts JungHoon Chang estimates that Apple will release the third generation iPad in the first quarter of 2012, and 7 inches of new products which may refer to "iPad mini" in the third quarter of this year.

Chang also confirmed the use of higher resolution IPS panel in the next generation iPad. He added that Sharp was trying to produce LCD panels for iPad IGZO 8G in their lab, but may fail to make timely mass for iPad 3 to be launched next week.

Analyst, said Apple Insider, noting that Apple may have decided to use a flexible panel into the next iPad models, if the panel makers like Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) have not been able to increase the production of flexible AMOLED panel and increase the resolution.

Finally, SMD can produce only 54 million AMOLED panels a year, even once it's replaced their 5.5G line for tablets. Samsung AMOLED production seemed unprepared to meet the demand for Apple to be installed on the iPad. Another analyst estimated this week that Apple will sell 55 million units in 2012 the third generation iPad with significant hardware improvements including Retina Display, rumor has Siri voice and support 4G LTE network. Samsung itself has become a major producer AMOLED screen and have been using the technology on smart phones, Galaxy S and Galaxy S II, also Galaxy Tab 7.7-inch tablet.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said it will meet with executives to discuss the use of Samsung's AMOLED for the iPad. South Korean company, Samsung, last month announced it would separate the (spin off) LCD manufacturing business with similar companies later this spring. The move is expected to combine with SMD LCD business into one company while Samsung Display Co. name., Ltd.


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