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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sony Combine Android phone with TV

Sony Combine Android phone with TV

Sony Mobile Communications states remain focused work on the smartphone market, Android. This operating system has previously been used by smart phones Sony Ericsson, Sony has not the name of the company when it acquired 50 percent shares of Ericsson.

»We will remain focused on Android," said Head of South East Asia Market Sony Mobile Communications, Ola Lilja Molen while introducing three new series on office phones Sony Xperia Sony Mobile.

According to Ola, Android smart phone market continues to grow today. He said the Android operating system has become the most preferred by consumers.

Ola therefore dismiss the possibility of Sony will develop its own operating system that is different from existing ones, such as Android, BlackBerry and IOS.

Options for the "loyal" to the Android platform was also coupled with the technology ecosystem that has been owned by Sony. Series of phones which are launched Xperia Sony will have connectivity with the products issued by Sony, for example with BRAVIA television.

With full control of Sony Mobile, now in the Sony portfolio segment display device complete with tablet computers, laptops, televisions and smartphones. »It's integrated into a single unit," he said.

Sony smart phone users will also be offered with a variety of entertainment features and music videos from Sony. Sony's technology, he said, would bring a different experience for the users of the Sony Xperia. »There will be exchange of content between devices," he said.

After officially changed its name, Sony Mobile Communications has launched three series of Sony Xperia, Xperia namely S, P and Xperia Xperia U. The plan will launch the Sony Mobile Xperia S into the Indonesian market in mid-April.


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