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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Alibaba Ready To Release " China iPad " This Year

Alibaba Ready To Release " China iPad " This Year

Jack Ma is often dubbed as the Steve Jobs of his country like China and the nickname was not wrong after Alibaba, his company, will introduce a tablet device that will be a strong rival iPad in China.

This tablet device will be released later this year, according to Wang Jiang, CTO of Alibaba. Tablets that will be produced by Tianyu are going to use Linux-based operating system, Aliyun, which was released in July 2011 and Alibaba.

Tianyu name and Aliyun very popular in China because of the artificial Tianyu K-Touch W700, which is the first operating system that uses Aliyun China has used the community since the beginning of this year. Tianyu phone made it sold 416 U.S. dollars.  

Alibaba has not issued a detailed specification and price of this new tablet. But certainly, the possibility tablet named "YanPad" This will be linked into a network of online commerce, retail, and payment platform and cloud computing services owned Alibaba.

Operating systems 'cloud computing' Aliyun to be used in tablet Alibaba is indeed very popular in China, but the challenge will come from his iPad with IOS and Android tablets and other tablets with a very low price.

In China alone, Apple products are very popular. Apple says China will become Apple's second-largest market after the United States. Apple is very serious work in the China market, this will be seen from the opening of several new Apple Store, after the successful opening of Apple Store in Shanghai.


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