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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Custody "Kitchen" Apple More Stringent than the Pentagon

Custody "Kitchen" Apple More Stringent than the Pentagon

One key to Apple's success in marketing the various products that maintain the confidentiality of the products, both of which will be released and those still in prototype form.

Apple seem very paranoid in maintaining the confidentiality of its products, Apple's office assessed the guard even more stringent than the Pentagon and procedures exceed the company's secret CIA custody.

As reported by Tech Radar, author Steve Jobs biography, Walter Isaacson, explains, the designer of Apple products like the Macbook, iPod, iPhone and iPad, Jonathan Ive, has a special room to design the product.

Apple's Ive served as Senior Vice President of Industrial Design that has a closed room, doors locked, windows are protected from iron, even had to wear special clothing when entering.

The room was guarded by two special assistants on the front. No one is allowed into the room, even the Apple employees who have a high office was not allowed to enter without special permission.

On the board of directors, was highly guarded secret. Level of directors has an important secret about Apple's current business and future. If it is leaking, then the secret would be revealed and the company could be Apple's business will be ruined.

For Apple, this secrecy system is a remarkable marketing tool. In every rumor is issued, all Apple employees are prohibited from divulging anything about Apple's business plan, both to the media, public relations, blogger, supplier chains, and even the lowest employee.

Apple employees are also forbidden to discuss any Apple product even in their own blogs, comment on Apple's banned at any sites or blogs, are prohibited from discussing the rumors, the new product, to repair Apple products.

"As an Apple employee, you have an obligation to keep company information confidential, proprietary, and trade in any company," said the letter of the contract documents Apple.

Apple also prohibits all employees even down to the level of the board of directors to not discuss any confidential Apple information, including financial performance, price, design, and are prohibited from taking photographs at the Apple Store.

To enter any office, Apple employees need access to special doors, are rubbed together using a special ID to a device to enter a special numeric code, before entering the room.

Apple's entire workspace monitored by surveillance cameras and employees must wear special clothing while working in black robes.

Apple Senior Vice President for Marketing, Phil Schiller, explains, Apple has a way of knowing the actions of employees who leak company secrets, including the culprit as well.

In fact, one employee explains the Apple Store, the employee is totally forbidden to divulge any Apple CEO Tim Cook himself who spoke at the launch.

Specifically for manufacturing companies, Apple also will keep track of each product to be shipped from the factory, packaging, at the docks, airports, truck, until in every tissue distribution.

If the company manufacturing or distribution network is violated, then the contract will be immediately terminated by Apple.

The most tragic incident occurred in 2009 when the owner of the distribution companies, Sun Danyong (25), have committed suicide because it has eliminated a prototype iPhone 4 carries. Source: TechRadar


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