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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Heartline Fabricators iPad and iPhone

Heartline Fabricators iPad and iPhone  

iPhone and iPad is now a flagship product for Apple. No wonder the company founded by Steve Jobs this increases the production of the devices.

Although both are a mainstay, but Apple could arguably put more hope on the iPhone. Along with the high demand for the iPhone, Apple also asked Foxconn, manufacturer Apple products company, to increase the production of the iPhone to be delivered on time.

Li Qi (not her real name), a worker who works at Foxconn iPhone production line, telling the assembled iPhone complained kesahnya work.

For him, assemble the iPhone is far more exhausting than the iPad. Incidentally, Qi has been involved in the production line iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

Inside the factory, the workers assemble daily, inspect and test the iPad. It is they who put the buttons (home, volume, power) and make sure all goes well the Apple device.

They are not allowed to talk during work, so no slacking off.

IPhone production line 4S Li Qi was originally working for iPad production lines. In May 2011, Qi was transferred to the iPhone production line 4S. The reason, Foxconn was asked by Apple to boost iPhone production volume is so much in demand in the global market.

Qi is very excited when I first saw and tested the iPhone 4S. According to him, the iPhone 4S is currently the most advanced smartphone.

"First contact with the iPhone 4S, I immediately agreed this really the best smartphone in the world, both its hardware and software," Qi wrote in his diary.

However, work on the iPhone production line turned out to not give as much pleasure that he was thinking. Qi who formerly worked at the Nokia production line, feel tired to work assembling the iPhone. He should be more often overtime to meet orders Foxconn.

Every day, Qi must wake up before 6 am and arrived at the plant at 7 am. Work is divided in two shifts ie morning and afternoon. Qi works for 3 hours in the morning, then worked again between 4 to 6 hours in the afternoon.

Qi complained of a break (out of a lunch break) in the iPhone production line that is not less than 10 minutes each day. While on the production line iPad, workers are given two or three times a break for 10 minutes.

Qi was shocked by the working time. Each production line is required to make 3500 units of iPhone in a day.

Hate the iPhone production line, to return to work for the iPad

Qi was no longer admire the iPhone. Work too tired to iPhone, makes Qi put a bad impression on the product.

He had to work 80 hours overtime per month for the iPhone. However, income also increased. When he began working at Foxconn, Qi salary is 143 dollars per month, but now Qi earn 372 U.S. dollars. And when totaled with overtime pay, every month Qi can bring home a salary of 555 dollars. Still, Qi could have missed off one day a week routine. Working for iPhone makes Qi only got off one or two days a month.

From his experience producing two flagship devices Apple iPad production line appears to be lighter. Qi can get a break and more holidays.

Qi hopes of finally becoming a reality. Since March 2012, Qi was hired back into the production line iPad. The behest of Apple, Foxconn began producing the third generation mass iPad since early 2012.

Qi told, there are more than 30 assembly lines for the third generation iPad. The production line is more closely guarded, and every worker should wear anti-static in certain zones.

There are 1,000 units iPad generated every 10 hours. But since the moment of new China in 23 years to 28 January, the three-generation iPad productivity increased to 150 units per hour iPad.

He hopes the third generation iPad can reap success in the global market. Because, if the new iPad is not selling well, most likely Qi will be sent back to help the production of iPhone 4S.

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