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Thursday, April 5, 2012

In the U.S., Mobile-loved as the "Toys Mattresses"

In the U.S., Mobile-loved as the "Toys Mattresses"  

Mobile phones have become part of everyday life, including games on mobile phones. What kind of user behavior while playing games on mobile phones? A survey revealed it.

As quoted by Venture Beat, MocoSpace agency has surveyed about 15,000 respondents games mobile users in the United States. The result is about 96 percent of mobile users is to play mobile games at least once a game at home.

Last half, or about 53 percent would prefer to play the game in the bedroom. This survey shows that mobile gaming is not only distracting, but instead become the mainstay of entertainment.

In addition to playing on the bed, mobile users often play games in the living room (41 percent), bathroom (5 percent), and the dinner table (1 percent).

Approximately 52 percent play mobile games more than an hour per day, 32 percent play more than three hours a day, and 10 percent of respondents playing more than three hours at work.  

When do they play? 

In addition to playing at home, mobile users often play games while waiting for an appointment with someone (about 83 percent), while on a train, bus, or car (72 percent); in the workplace (64 percent); in class (46 percent) ; and in the gym (25 percent). In the game, the respondents would prefer to play social games (62 percent), action (53 percent), puzzles (40 percent), and a casino (28 percent).

"The results of this survey will make a console game companies concerned. Mobile gaming is not a companion to the console, but can be as opposed to," said Co-founder and Chief Executive Justin Siegel MocoSpace. Source: VentureBeat


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