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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Instagram Available for Android

Instagram Available for Android  

Instagram previously only available on the Apple device, will be present in any other operating system is Android. Instagram CEO, Kevin Systrom confirmed that Instagram will be available on Android devices. It is delivered Kevin in LeWeb conference in Paris, Wednesday (12/07/2011).

"Instagram is the future of the Android application, which has the largest segment of the smart phone market today. Android could increase the popularity of Instagram and expand our reach," said Systrom.

Instagram is a modification service photo and share photos that have been specially designed for devices like the Apple iPad IOS, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Instagram has commissioned two internal developers to complete the project this Android apps. Although no mention of release date, Systrom claims will release Android app Instagram on in the near future.

Systrom also talked about Instagram plans to incorporate advertising content into the application. Brands such as Audi, Burberry, and Kate Spade is a great brand is being targeted this company.

He later explained that the concept of advertising will allow advertisers to modify the company and share their brand's image in Instagram so that it can be seen by other Instagram users. "I think the experience will be a very interesting ad. Obviously, we did make an attempt to make money," added Systrom.

Instagram grew rapidly among the lovers of the device with Apple's IOS operating system as supported by the quality of the camera that produced the Apple device, especially since the launch of the iPhone 4.

With the launch later Instagram for Android, Android phone users will be able to do what Apple users have felt all along. Source: CNET


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