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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kindle Fire Price Makes Impatient to Buy

Kindle Fire Price Makes Impatient to Buy  

Amazon finally launched its flagship tablet, Kindle Fire. The launch was held on Wednesday (9/28/2011) and guided directly by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Kindle Fire was released at a price that makes people eager to buy, just 199 U.S. dollars or under $ 2 million, lower than the price prediction, which is 250-300 dollars.

"We're trying to develop premium quality products at a price that is not premium," said Bezos told CNET in its presentation.

The presence of Fire marks the debut of Amazon's Kindle in tablet sales competition. The plan, Kindle Fire will be available on the market on November 15. The analysts believe, the presence Kindle Fire at a price far below other tablets, the average 500 U.S. dollars, will be a marker for the presence of actual competitors iPad.

"We believe this launch will be a significant burst in the tablet market and become an important rival of Apple's iPad," says Adam Leach, an analyst firm Ovum.

Because the price is cheaper, Kindle Fire also has many other shortcomings dibading tablet. However, the tablet is still carrying the dual core processor. The drawback is that these tablets do not have a camera, microphone and 3G wireless access. In addition, the tablet data storage capacity is also only 8 GB.

Based on Android, Kindle Fire will use the Android OS smartphone aimed old. But, Amazon developed new user interface for different experiences. Users can access the internet with a browser Silk Amazon. Web browser can make predictions that support faster access to frequently visited web.

Package sold by Kindle Fire 30 day free trial offer Amazon Prime, shipping services between 2 days and streaming video, originally worth 79 dollars. Support Kindle Amazon Prime makes the position of Fire intensified, especially with the seriousness of the Amazon working on digital content, from contracts with 20 Century Fox for movie content to a variety of magazines.

With low prices and support content, Amazon made a good step that many miss by a competitor. If this step is successful, maybe other manufacturers including Apple tablet would be distraught.

Fire in conjunction with the launch of Kindle, Amazon also released three new e-reader Kindle sold prices ranging from 79-149 dollars. Amazon also develop applications that can be used in other devices so that their contents can be accessed.


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