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Monday, April 16, 2012

New Features of Twitter: TweetDeck Without Adobe AIR

New features of Twitter: TweetDeck Without Adobe AIR

New features in release of Twitter is NativeTweetDeck 1.0 which can be used in the Windows and Mac. The first application is an application made in addition to the Adobe AIR platform.

As published on Betanews.com, Tweetie 1.0 is also available in Google Chrome also has discarded the "aroma" Adobe AIR and mengggantikannya with HTML5 format.

Unlike the previous Adobe AIR-based, this new web application has an interface that is more "fresh". Changed its logo color from dark yellow to blue, same color as the main Twitter. Twitter account owner's name will be printed on top and use bold.

While the link, hashtag, and mentions were also given a touch of blue to make it easier to read. But Twitter remove days and date of posting a tweet, just tweet the time of writing there is information only.

Lodging in Windows, Twitter gives refreshment in the form of the filter menu, Whats Hot, and control of individual users, including the option to add friends to the group.

Refresher TweetDeck had a chance to make the user disappointed because some of the features removed. Users also have to register separately before using this new web application.

Disappointment was also expressed as Twitter users took TweetDeck in May 2011 last month. Some of the menu is removed and adjusted to the Twitter interface. But there is also an enthusiastic user because the web interface to be more clean and orderly.


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