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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Now Comes NookColor after Kindle Fire

Now Comes NookColor after Kindle Fire

Slowly begin reading media ambush to digital form. In these media, books, magazines or other reading media can cost less than traditional media. The reason is simple. Minus the paper and cut at least about 40 percent of production costs, especially the use of paper of a print media.

Hype Amazone.com released Kindle e-reader as well apparently not the only option anymore. So many types and kinds and dimensions. But that was much talked about gadget fans the world is NookColor. This device is actually almost been released years ago by the originator, Barnes & Nobles (a retail company and reading digital books), but only recently thrown into the market.

Some observers argue, the device with 7-inch diagonal screen size (1024 x 600 pixel resolution) is like "perkawainan" between the Kindle with iPad. Form factor it does look more elegant. It uses the Android OS (version 2.1) which of course is not only the media will be used to read books, magazines, or newspapers, but also to download some apps from Android (OHD).

The difference with the Kindle, when used for read-NookColor presents a more varied range. Including mengbah background in order to suit the ambience of the place of reading. Also do not miss the range of magnification mode settings, and change the color.

Devices with a 3.5 mm audio port is using TI OMAP 3621 processor that can work up to speeds of 800 MHz of computing. The internal memory is capable of crushing up to 8 GB of data, plus an additional microSD.

Browsing the Internet can certainly be done, but he just rely on the connectivity of Wi-fi. There's no GSM facilities. In other words, the function of mobile telecommunications can not be done. But for multimedia play, he can be relied upon even if limited to audio MP3 and AAC and M4V video.

Of course, companies such as Barnes & Noble have to go the extra mile to offer this device in the concept of selling books and reading in the media window. A book is reportedly being offered for about 8 to 10 dollars. There are even some books are rented to lower prices. While the price of 245 dollars worth of NookColor own.

This is the strategy pursued by a digital book store out there to not wait for those times when people no longer bought and read a book or a traditional magazine.

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