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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

To Compete With Kindle Fire, iPad Made Tablet 7.85 Inches?

To Compete with Kindle Fire, iPad Made Tablet 7.85 Inches?  

Apple rumored iPad would made measuring 7.85 inches in 2012. The tablet is expected to rival the Amazon Kindle and Samsung Fire Galaxy Tab equally sized 7 inches. Today, the Kindle Fire is being sold in the United States.

As rumored Digitimes, Apple will produce the "iPad Mini" is in mid-2012. This is because the rumor was mentioned, Apple is preparing the launch of the iPad 3 concentration as early as 2012.

Apple iPad Mini is going to be supported panel from LG and AU Optronics (AUO). Previously, the rumor was never crowded in October when Apple iPad trial with 7.85-inch screens made by AUO of Taiwan. The panel manufacturer is also one for the Samsung panel providers for Galaxy Tab and Amazon Kindle Fire.

Leak, the screen resolution that will be used in a mini iPad will be the same as the iPad 2, which is 1024 x 768 pixels. Previously, iPad 2 comes with a 9.7-inch screen sizes.

Surprisingly, if the rumors are true, iPad Mini is going contrary to the statement that Steve Jobs called this 10-inch tablet is the minimal size of the Apple tablet. Jobs are also reported to have said, measures 7 inches is too big to compete with a smart phone, but too small to compete with iPad.

This rumor true? I do not know, certainly when it comes to Apple is a lot of news circulating without obvious truth.

Source: Digitimes


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