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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Twitter Buy Dasient to Exterminate Virus?

Twitter Buy Dasient to Exterminate Virus?  

Twitter has acquired the internet security firm Dasient. The acquisition was announced by Daisent on their official blog.

Does this acquisition mean Twitter wanted to eradicate the virus? It seems, from Dasient technology, Twitter timeline to clean up user accounts from malicious links.

With this acquisition, Dasient will not have other customers besides Twitter and Dasient specifically anti-malware technologies will build for Twitter.

"By joining Twitter, Dasient will apply the technology, tools, and our team into Twitter's technical team. We will apply our technology in real-time information network in the world," said Dasient in the blog, former Google

Dasient is a company that specializes to the anti-malware service since 2009. In 2010, Dasient first open anti-malware services that protect the site from malicious ads (malvertising / malware advertising).

Dasient was founded by former Google employees (Googler) Neil Daswani, Shariq Rizvi, and Ameet Ranadive. Beginning in 2011, Dasient powered by Google Ventures. With this acquisition, Dasient fully supported only by Twitter.

 "We want to thank our customers, partners, investors, and advisors, for all the support in recent years, including Google Ventures, Radar Partners, Floodgates, and Benhamou Global Ventures," he wrote in his blog Dasient.

Before Dasient, Twitter has acquired Summify. Twitter also has acquired AdGRok, companies that have the AdWords product, in May 2011.

Where else would the company be acquired by Twitter? Source: CNET


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