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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Beware The 10 Dangerous Thing's In the Phone

Beware The 10 Dangerous Thing's In the Phone

The phone turned out to also store a variety of threats. The effect can be detrimental to their owners, as well others. Let us discuss what are the threats that may arise from any phone and the dangers that lurk in your phone.
 1. SPAM

Spam is actually more popular term used to designate e-mail which normally displays a topic or news of his presence unwanted by the recipient's e-mail.

Often, they will contain hoax (hoax) or a link that directs recipients to open certain sites may contain advertising or virus. But over time, spam is now not only synonymous with e-mail but also all forms of methods including SMS messaging and BlackBerry Messenger. For both it is not much you can do the recipient to not receive spam.

If the process of sending e-mail scanning process occurs automatically with a specific method that can allow users to sort incoming e-mail and categorized it as spam or not, it is not the case with fuel and SMS.

If you install an application or SMS Blocker meremove BBM contacts, not just the spam that you receive from contacts not in question but all the messages that may have some of them you've been waiting or important.

SMS spam seems to be harmless. However, because in Indonesia, many operators that offer cheap or free SMS program, then sending SMS spam maraklah brutally and mass using software called SMS Caster. The software is software that can send hundreds or even thousands of SMS at the same time to different random numbers. The danger, if we reply to a text message, then our phone number will be recorded in the server, and can be used further to negative things.  


At the beginning of its spread, a virus spread by cell phone text messaging system that is owned by Nokia mobile phones with Symbian S60 OS. Outbreaks of mobile phones began when a user receives an SMS that led him to download a game that turned out to be viral. Furthermore, after the virus has "infected" cell phone, then he will send a similar SMS to all contacts on the phonebook list without our knowledge. The result is a pulse we sucked without us knowing it or know about.

Current use of the plural smartphone. And lately the "disease" that infects smartphones more worthy to be called malware (malicious software) aka malicious software called a virus rather than, for exploitation efforts are made to the smartphone no longer have the ability to spread among smartphones. Exploitation is carried out generally centered around efforts to obtain personal information stored on smartphones such as contacts, passwords, e-mail account, no credit card PIN and so on. To protect your smartphone from viruses and malware, is now available for many mobile antivirus applications both free and paid applications developed by the developer.  


Various facilities offered by the smartphone operating systems by integrating a variety of e-mail accounts, social networking, instant messaging and other services into a single login ID can also have negative consequences for its users.

On Android smartphone for example, hackers only need to get a Google account user ID password to find out all the information about other accounts are synchronized in the Android device. Data theft can occur when the phone is held is lost or stolen.

The professionals today often store valuable information such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, passwords, contact data, and even e-mail and company files and personal data are sensitive to the smartphone is a smartphone for "assistant" who trusted and brought along time. If you do this on a phone should do the encryption of data on your smartphone  


Lately a lot of premium content services to "rogue" because secretly siphoning pulse without the permission of the owner of the phone. Not to mention the talk of a rogue premium content is finished, now there is another way to drain pulse.

Classical way as SMS "mama ask pulse" and its variants such as "papa at the police station", "mama accident, borrow tlepon friends" and others are still able to fool the users mobile phone.

There are also sending SMS messages as if the transaction of business and asks you to transfer some money to the account specified. There is also SMS tells us to type in the code and certain cellular numbers, but it is sebanarnya code to transfer the pulse to a number of others. The easiest and most effective way to deter thieves caused the pulse is selective in accepting SMS or call. Make sure you know the sender SMS number  


Increasingly sophisticated smartphone capabilities and be able to access social networking, features messaging / e-mail, as well as the ability to cloud computing and always connected to the internet for 24 hours non stop it seems to facilitate the work and make life more enjoyable. But you know behind all that convenience, you can also lose privacy.

An example is the application WhatsApp. If not carefully read disclaimernya then unconsciously you have to open the contact and will be easily found by users similar applications. Likewise, the account up to embrace the "open privacy". Facebook will share any info that is in your account if you do not own a closing info. Another example is a feature of latitude or location base on Android and iPhone. If you carelessly add friends and share location info, might be mean-spirited people who will easily find where your location.  


The easiest method to cheat is to use the SMS feature. As mentioned in previous points above, the mode used is very diverse ranging from theft of credit, banking, to buying and selling scams. Fraud can also be done via social networking and sharing features maps. Many false accounts and false location information circulating on the internet. Usually by claiming to be an artist or public figure accounts.  


With the increasing threat of viruses and malware on the phone, there is the existence of hackers behind the malicious software. If there is an application that can steal cell phones, then the subsequent fate of your data is in the hands of the programmer or the person receiving the data. Your data can be used to do crimes such as fraud, account hijacking, fraud and others. An example is the Zeus malware on the BlackBerry or the application CarrierIQ. Both are seen to "peek" data on your phone.  


Just as data theft, piracy can also be performed on the data that is on the phone. For example, on an Android phone, if someone who knows your username and password, and then login using his Android phone, the data on your cell phone immediately move to a cell phone. Imagine the horror if there are others who claim to be who you are.  


Every cell phone radiation issue. Radiation cell phones give off heat. Well, the phone emits radio waves at a certain level (eg when the signal is not good cause the battery to rapidly overheat because the phone system works hard to catch the signal) can affect the temperature of the phone body and according to some experts it can cause headache (see also the article: "Caution Radiation BlackBerry: Tips Reduce Radasi Phone" in Everybody's Journalist category Science & Technology) and triggered brain tumors  


The materials used to make mobile phones such as Arsenic, Berrylium, Copper and other chemical elements is very dangerous for the environment. These elements can contaminate soil and ground water is not made safe for consumption.

But behind these dangers there are also components of phones that can be recycled, thereby reducing the potential for environmental contamination as a casing made of plastic or metal mixture


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