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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Design for Mobile Phone Camera Technology Can Penetrate Walls

Design for Mobile Phone Camera Technology Can Penetrate Walls

Some researchers at the University of Texas, Dallas, led by professor of electrical engineering Dr. Kenneth O, has created technology that allows the camera can see objects even blocked a wall.

With this technology, this camera can also shoot the object is behind the cloth, wood, plastic, and paper. These findings carry two scientific advances, the use of the electromagnetic spectrum that has not been used and the progress related to the new microchip technology.

First, Dr. Kenneth O using an electromagnetic wave terahertz (THz), which previously could not access most consumer devices. This wave is located between microwaves and infrared light, allowing an unobstructed camera through the object, similar to X-rays

Second, the new microchip technology. Sensors in the chip will take terahertz signals that create an object that blocked wall or other objects can be captured. The new chip is built with CMOS technology (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor), which is the basis of the manufacture of all electronic goods. Dr. Kenneth O said, using the CMOS, the cost will be cheaper and devices can be designed dakam small size so that it can be stored in a pocket.

In addition to objects that penetrate walls, camera phones in the future it could be used to detect counterfeit money. However, for reasons of privacy of the users and the order was not abused, Dr. Kenneth O and the team focus on developing such devices for use with a range of less than four inches. So, take a picture with transparent remote seems to not be used.

Source: Mashable


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