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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Free applications in "Smartphone" Make Battery Run Out

Free applications in "Smartphone" Make Batteries Run Out

The advent of advertising on free applications on the Android device for some people is not a serious problem. However, what if advertising on free applications that make smartphones or tablet battery so wasteful ?

New Scientist reports the findings of Purdue University in Indiana, United States, that a lot of free apps on Android and Windows Phone that makes the batteries run out quickly.

The cause is a third-party advertisements that appear when an application or game for free, like Angry Birds or Facebook played / used.

They use special tools to test it. Unfortunately, these tools can not test the application on the iPhone because of Apple's restrictions on the system.

One application under test is offered Angry Birds game for free.

When playing Angry Birds during the day, the researchers noted that the game is actually just suck up 20% of the total power consumption.

The rest (80%) used for advertising purposes, such as accessing the server and locate the user.

 In fact, the search for the location of users consuming energy consumption by 45%. Searches the user's location is handy for displaying advertisements according to the user. 

Chris McClelland, director of application development company Ecliptic Labs, pleaded not surprised by the findings. "Ads need to connect to the server and transmit information about a user's location," said McClelland told the BBC.

McClelland said the practice is difficult to be avoided if the Android device users still want to enjoy a free application. Because, the ad revenues support the application developer.

 He also hoped, application developers can create a new feature for Android devices more power efficient. One way to outsmart the batteries run out quickly is not Android devices, users can turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS when not using those features. In addition, by reducing the screen brightness and do not use moving wallpaper, also reduces battery consumption. Sources: BBC


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