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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Galaxy Tab 8.9, Tablet Feminine for Women Professionals

Galaxy Tab 8.9, Tablet Feminine for Women Professionals  

Samsung Electronics was again a surprise. Mobile phone manufacturers that dominate the class in Indonesia tablet released its latest tablet, Galaxy Tab 8.9. This time 8.9-inch tablet sail segment targeting women are more active, with high mobility.

Tab latest series of Samsung is equipped with Google Android Operating System Honeycomb 3.1 and 1 GHz processor Dual Core Tegra 2. Not only the technology that Samsung continues to be developed in the latest release of advanced devices. Size and color is also a concern.  

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is designed with a lightweight slim posture. Weighing just 453 grams, with a thickness of 8.6 mm. The Back casing parts are white so it looks more feminine.

Galaxy Tab 8.9 is more in focus to career women, young professionals who are active and mobile, the age of 30. Its small size and handy to put in a bag lady, even if the style is still carried by hand. Tablet from Samsung in the latest advanced selling at a price of around U.S. $ 550.

About the features of this excess Galaxy Tab 8.9 of them, including full HD video format playback and recording, Recording HD cameras, main camera 3 Mega Pixel and 2 Mega Pixel camera front.

Samsung also buried two flagship features in this 8.9 Galaxy Tab. Ie Life Panel that allows users to modify the screen at will, and the Adobe Flash Player features that make browsing more fun activity. Powered by OS Honeycomb, more multitasking Galaxy Tab 8.9.

With full HD format, the sharper the resolution so that users are more comfortable when watching movies or Youtube video. Social Hub feature also adds another convenience for the users.

Growing needs of consumers who responded to this by presenting a series of Samsung with its latest tablet, to meet the needs of consumers who want a tablet in a smaller size and practical. Last year, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was too big. Galaxy Tab 8.9 is now smaller, lighter, thinner, to answer the needs of consumers.


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