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Friday, May 11, 2012

Mobile Also Need Antivirus

Mobile Also Need Antivirus

The explosive growth in popularity of mobile platform Android is not overlooked by the cyber criminals. After analyzing a large number of threats of Information Technology (IT) in the first quarter of 2011, Kaspersky Lab experts identified a total volume of mobile malware in 2011 amounted to at least double that of 2010.

Growth will be driven by the emergence of new methods to infect mobile phone users. For example, more than 50 applications Operation System (OS) was detected in Quartal Android dangerous one in 2011 that was created by cyber criminals and distributed through the Android Market. These malicious programs are the boxed version of the re-(re-packed) of legal software with malicious Trojan components added to it. When someone installs an application, a virus will also been installed and the virus will automatically download the virus intact.

Mobile threats become more complicated by the fact that personal smartphones are increasingly used to store and transmit confidential information. At the same time, employees tend to ignore the importance of protecting data stored on mobile devices. In fact, the use of the Internet on mobile as dangerous as using the internet in the personal computer (PC) or laptop.

Since two years ago, Kaspersky has issued a special antivirus for mobile phones, namely Kaspersky Mobile Security (KMS). At that time, this new antivirus support for windows mobile and symbian. End of 2010, Kaspersky issued a KMS 9 is already support for BlackBerry and Android.

This antivirus can detect viruses that are installed when you install the mobile application or shorten the time you open a link (link shortened). You may often find that shortened link in social media, twitter or BlackBerry Messenger. You will not know the link contains viruses before opening it. When the link is opened, the virus will begin to download the virus intact. "When the virus was installed which come from intact virus download, antivirus it will thwart the virus and delete jobs.

In addition to keeping the phone from malware attacks, antivirus also has unique features, such as Sim Watch and Privacy Protection Mode. The new version of KMS also includes Anti-Theft feature enhancements that can be used by smartphone users to block devices if they are lost or stolen phone, remove memory, looking through the GPS and received notification of a new number if the SIM is replaced.

"Watch Sim feature allows you to detect mobile phone sim card embedded. When your phone changes hands, you can find out through another phone number that you submitted. For example mobile phones left on the train, then there are people who find and directly replace the number. Your mobile phone will send sms or e-mail to another phone number or e-mail address you have registered. You can also find a new sim number used by the thief or the inventor of the mobile phone.

Mobile phone owners can immediately find out where his cell phone left behind or stolen via Google maps. Google maps link will be sent automatically by the mobile users via SMS to another number that has been registered. Then it is advisable to register cell phone numbers of people who are in the house. Mobile phone owners can also contact the person who changed the sim card. "So you can stalk your mobile phone holders, and send text messages even call the new number. People who do not know will be surprised and think you quack.

Another feature is the Privacy Protection feature that helps the user to hide any contact information that they want kept confidential. Confidential list of contacts can be made from a list of contacts in the SIM or phone memory. With the touch of a button, users can mark contacts KMS 9 as a 'private', which means that there will be no trace of them appears in the list of contacts, call log, SMS or incoming call. Others who use this smartphone really will not realize the hidden information.

The new version of this product to hide a portion of the contact, such as hiding the call log information about a particular conversation, but let the numbers seen in the contact list. If necessary, contact the hidden visible again easily by entering a password. Flexible settings allow users to receive incoming calls and messages, after which the user can hide the information received, ignore it or take it again after turning on normal mode. Privacy Protection for the contact mode can be set manually by using the application interface, automatically after a specified period of inactivity or remotely by sending a special SMS to your own number.


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