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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Samsung Tablet Be Entertainment Devices in Aircraft

Samsung Tablet Be Entertainment Devices in Aircraft  

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 airline selected American Airlines as an entertainment device in the aircraft for international and domestic routes. Samsung tablet will replace the previous entertainment devices that are considered obsolete.

Tablet with 10-inch screen size will be filled with about 70 movies, local television, to music offerings. Even features that exist in these devices, such as WiFi, games, and various electronic books or electronic magazines are also allowed to wear on the plane.

In order to impress a little different, the airline little to change the design by adding a logo of American Airlines. In addition, to access the full tablet that is provided, a passenger requires the keyword alias protected. So the only entertainment menus that had been prepared which can be accessed by passengers.  

Galaxy Tab will be available on domestic flights to and from New York (JFK), Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Later, this device will also be available on international flights to South America or even Europe. For a while, entertainment service is only available for first class and business passengers.

Interestingly, when the airline is providing Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 as an entertainment device for the passenger, the airline pilots actually use the iPad in the cockpit room. Sources: TheVerge


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