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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Using Windows 8 on Samsung Tablet

Using Windows 8 on Samsung Tablet

No doubt, in the gadget market, Samsung is on the rise with a variety of products that use the Android operating system. Samsung endless delivery of products is incorporated under the Galaxy brand. Starting from the Galaxy S, Nexus Galaxy, Galaxy to Galaxy Tab Note

Well, what about other operating systems?

According to Gregory Lee, President & CEO of Samsung Asia, "We are vendor neutral side of the platform. We are not inclined to just one operating system," said Lee. He said that if Windows 8 out later and appears to be a good platform, Samsung is bound to make products based on Windows 8.

Samsung's success generated by Android, he said, is expected to also occur on other platforms. Currently, Samsung has named Slate tablet device based on Windows 7. The new device was circulated in certain countries, eg Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.

But will not rule Slate will also be presented in other markets. Depending on the needs of each market. "We strive to deliver the right product at the right price range for specific markets," said Lee.

According to Lee, Samsung should have a broad product range and is able to quickly adapt to market needs. That, he said, is one of Samsung's strategy is so far considered successful. For example, to control the television or the smartphone market.

How to get faster? Lee mentioned the ability of technology, design and understand the needs of consumers as the most important.


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