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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Will HTC Enriched Online Video Services

Will HTC Enriched Online Video Services

Taiwanese vendor HTC never stopped trying to smartphones and tablet products are different and have features that are not owned competitors. One of them has done is provide some HTC smartphone with Beats Audio feature that promises clearer sound quality and bass is more 'tight', and the hallmark HTC Sense HTC interface. 

Not satisfied with that, HTC buy 20% stake SyncTV, a company that offers online video platform for content providers. HTC is all done in the middle of a very strong competition among manufacturers, high hardware investment alone is not enough. Moreover, the hardware specs on today's smartphones and tablets tend to be the same.

With this purchase, HTC will have access to cloud-based video service to Android and Windows Phone devices. This investment is part of a broader technology partnership between HTC with Intertrust Technologies Corporation, which has subsidiaries SyncTV. Reportedly, access to cloud-based video services that will be pinned to the line of smartphones from HTC family of One. Source: GigaOM


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