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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

10 Features Nokia N9

10 Features Nokia N9

Nokia has launched Nokia N9, stylish mobile phone made from polycarbonate. Nokia claims the phone is shaped unibody, without any connection and without any buttons on the touch screen.

Nokia N9 is a touch screen phone that just needs a "tap" (touch) and "swipe" (sweep) to switch from one menu to another menu. There is no button "home", "call" or "back" on the screen. "This phone is full swipe, so much impressed stylish for its users.

Here are 10 things that are considered to be superior Nokia N9 :

1. Tap and Swipe

To unlock the phone screen, just "tap" with your finger twice, then the screen will display the home page. To move to another menu, simply "swipe" the finger from end to end, either from right to left, or top down and vice versa.

2. Three Home

There are only three home page (homescreen) on this phone, the applications menu of all, the application is opened or is running and notification. To return to the menu before, just need to "swipe" only.  

3. Double Tap

To close the applications are running, you live a "double tap" and will display an "x" on each application to be closed, or can choose a "close all" at the bottom. Or can "swipe" the screen up.  

4. Preloaded Maps

Maps are preloaded so that applications do not need internet connection to unlock the map. Here has been provided a map of Indonesia and several countries in Southeast Asia.  

5. HTML5 Browser

Browsers are already using HTML5 so much faster, especially with the ARM Cortex A8 processor OMAP 1 Ghz with 1.024MB RAM.

6. Camera

The camera has 8MP resolution with Carl Zeiss lens technology, autofocus, wide angle, 2nd camera for video calls. To autofocus, you just need to redirect the white box to the target image, which is not affected by the auto focus will blur. On the up side there is the zoom that can be shifted right and left with a finger swipe 

7. NFC

Features Near Field Communication (NFC) open. This feature allows users to share videos, pictures or files you want just by sticking with a phone that has NFC features. So also can be connected with Play N360 speakers are sold separately. The same way, only to activate the feature NFC and paste it on speaker. These services use a bluetooth connection. NFC feature is available in the Nokia N9, C7 and N700. Going forward, all Nokia smart phones will be NFC features.  

8. Food Directory

Application Menu in the form of food directory. But the search feature, just to find the name of the food. Later the result is the restaurant that provides food restaurant that we seek.

9. Messenger

Not only are there WhatsApps feature in N9, but there are other chat feature called "Live Messenger" which allows mobile phone users who have accounts on social chat can communicate with other phones that have similar features, although the phone has Android or Symbian operating systems .  

10. SIM Card Slot

No need to open the phone, especially to replace the SIM card. SIM card socket on the right side of the phone. For the battery charger can be done in a plug with a USB cable.


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