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Monday, June 18, 2012

Apple Promises Increase Ability Siri

Apple Promises Increase Ability Siri

Assistant and voice recognition applications made by Apple, Siri, it has been a leading feature in the iPhone 4S and claimed a lot of help to users. Although not a few who complained about its performance. To that end, Apple promised to deliver a better Siri updates and useful.

The statement came from Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an interview at the D10 Conference in California. Cook responded to criticism of Siri software that is considered still not optimal.

Cook explained that Siri had been made by many people in it. Apple also plans to increase its capacity twice that of today. However,

Cook was reluctant to say what the latest update features that will be embedded in the Siri later. However, Cook was just implying that the update Siri will present better and will come again soon.

A recent report suggests that the IOS 6 will introduce the Siri platform. Later, developers will be able to integrate this sound assistant to the application.

Apple is expected to divulge the latest version of IOS on the annual event of Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in Moscone West, San Francisco, USA.

Sources: The Verge


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