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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Applications "GoDocs for iPad" Enable Your Work

Applications "GoDocs for iPad" Enable Your Work

If you used to work with Google Docs, now you can open it on the iPad. GoDocs application for iPad / iPhone is easy anyone who used to use a Google Document.

Just as Google Document you normally go to the PC, the application GoDocs for iPad / iPhone also lets you open documents in a format spreadsheets, PDF, as well as image files, video, and audio.

You can edit documents and spreadsheets anytime you want.

You can also synchronize music and video, and enjoy them anytime and anywhere.

You can download any document and also can read it without internet connection or wi-fi.

And, also importantly, you can share documents with your boss or a PDF page with the designer. With this application, you can also send various documents, files, images, audio, and video to your boss or your friend via e-mail.

If you want to search for old documents, you can simply type in a keyword in the "Search". In a short time, the documents sought have been found.

If you have a Google account two or three, even up to five Google account, it does not matter. Just add it. If you want to delete a document file, or rename files, way too easy.


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