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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bos Foxconn : iPhone 5 Would Embarrass the Galaxy S III

Bos Foxconn : iPhone 5 Would Embarrass the Galaxy S III

Foxconn, iPhone and iPad manufacturer in China has officially formed a partnership with Sharp. With cooperation, Foxconn wants to beat Samsung in three-five years.

Focus Media Taiwan News Channel called the statement came from the CEO of Foxconn Terry Gou is delivered during the annual shareholders Hon Hai. The presence of a joint venture between Foxconn and Sharp aims to boost production in the area of the display panel.

Even Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. is being planned in collaboration with Sharp to make the new iPhone screen. Sharp and Foxconn official cooperation, after the LCD joint venture between Sharp and Sony has just stopped.

In fact, Sharp is working with Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.. Hon Hai Precision is the holding company of Foxconn in Taiwan. While Foxconn Apple iPhone is a manufacturing company in China.

With cooperation between the Foxconn and Sharp, Gou expressed his company would be easier to defeat Samsung. During this time, Samsung is considered as the company is often complain competitors.

Complaints are referred to as Samsung Gou four Taiwan companies complained to the European Commission over the issue price in the panel industry in 2010. The company is Chimei Innolux Corp., AU Optronics Corp., Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd. and HannStar Display Corp. of Taiwan.

These complaints led to four Taiwan companies must pay a fine of 433.92 million euros. Samsung released from the investigation because it only existed as a sanction.  

Ready to Beat Samsung

Cooperative joint venture between Sharp and Foxconn will make businesses more attractive display panel, in particular, will compete to beat the dominance of the display panel from Samsung.

Gou also reminded consumers, especially the Apple Fanboy (fans of Apple products) in order to faithfully wait for the scheduled launch of Apple iPhone 5. Gou said that the iPhone will embarrass Galaxy 5 S III.

"With the power of marketing and manufacturing Hon Hai as well as the latest technology from Sharp, Samsung will beat us," said Gou.

Gou also explained that he put respect to the Japanese (especially Sharp) in terms of execution and communication, unlike the Korean people who will stab from behind.

Source: Focus Taiwan


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