Monday, June 25, 2012



Although product performance is somewhat unusual, excellence of design and features make it look vibrant. It may be disturbing tablet product proliferation big manufacturers like Dell to deliver a similar gadget. The hope, consumers welcome as warm as its notebook products. However, Dell tried to be careful with the first product to bring a cell phone. Be Dell Streak 5 x7 up to size 15.3, 9 cm sailing 5 which is similar to the PSP console.

Compared to a 7-series tablet computers, Streak with 1 cm thick and weighs 220 grams is actually perceived as a widescreen smartphone. We can comfortably put in your pocket or pants. Tablet computer than 7, obviously the size Streak 5 is much more convenient. Probably just as well if the Streak 5 known as a mini tablet computer or big screen smartphone. Also, do not be afraid to be defective due to scratched screens. The reason, Dell has put a harness Gorilla Glass. This makes the screen resistant to heavy impact or sharp objects. This is a point that we like the Streak 5.

If at first present Streak 5 still using Android 1.6 (Donut), for the present year has brought Android 2.2 (Froyo) with a more intuitive interface. We tried this type has 2 GB internal memory with a capacity of 1.6 GB of ready to use. To run the system, the Streak 5 equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU speed 1 GHz QSD8250 combined with 512 MB RAM. Indeed, this specification is not the best at this time. This is because Dell Streak 5 focuses on the convenience of a portable.

Also comfortable enough to navigate on a capacitive screen Streak 5 even though the main (home, properties, and back) are being pressed accidentally. This is because the position is fairly tightly on the gadget. The ability of a virtual keyboard with Swype feature allows you to type words with only shifting fingers on the keyboard. Thus, you do not need to press each letter.

GPS feature was juxtaposed with the CoPilot Live application to guide the direction of travel. This application will provide information to the operator utilizing data connections via GPRS/3G connection combined with a GPS system so that the level of accuracy is more accurate position and location. Unfortunately, CoPilot Live does not yet provide a map for the territory of Indonesia.

It is interesting to use Streak 5 as mobile phones thanks to its dimensions that fit the hand grasped at once its function as a practical mini tablet taken away. Unfortunately there are still some drawbacks such as the availability of other connectors (in addition to a special port for the battery charger).

The ability to record video at a resolution of 352x288 is also just. This coupled with the limited ability of player, do not support the DivX format, Ogg, and Flac. However, Streak 5 offers a combination of unique mobile phones and tablets


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