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Saturday, June 2, 2012

End of the Year Nokia Tablet Ready To Sell

End of the Year Nokia Tablet Ready To Sell

Having teamed up in producing Lumia smartphone, Nokia and Microsoft back duet. This time, in making the inaugural Nokia tablet running Windows 8.

Nokia Windows 8 Tablet rumored to be released in June 2012. However, based on recent news, this schedule must retreat, as soon as later this year (quarter IV-2012).

As quoted by Digitimes, the tablet made by Nokia, which will use a 10-inch screen.

Because it uses Windows 8, Nokia will use a dual core ARM processor made by Qualcomm in the tablet. Microsoft is only providing one version, Windows 8 ARM edition, for use on a tablet device.

The use of Windows 8 Microsoft is certainly very beneficial. By relying on this Nokia tablet, Microsoft is ready to compete in the mobile business with Apple (IOS) and Google (Android).

For manufacturing, Nokia will appoint Compal Electronics. Even for the first phase, Nokia is rumored to be producing 200,000 units of Windows 8 tablet.

Source: Digitimes


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