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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Flipboard Now Can Be Enjoyed on the iPhone

Flipboard Now Can Be Enjoyed on the iPhone

Once present in the (Apple) iPad, Flipboard application can finally be enjoyed by users of the iPhone. Although it looks more petite, the application is still promising a new experience and enjoy a variety of social networking sites.

In addition to news sites, Flipboard also provide combined information from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, Google Reader, Flickr and social networking sites that we want in an application. Uniquely, for reading the information is presented as a magazine.  

Flipboard application had been long anticipated by iPhone users. As well as from his own party who have long Flipboard promising applications can be enjoyed on the iPhone.

However, the iPhone version of Flipboard will have a slightly different view with the iPad display. On the iPad, users can turn the pages Flipboard like flipping a real magazine. But for the iPhone version, users can turn the page in vertical mode.

To enjoy the pages per page of this application, users simply provide a sweep of a finger, are equally easy in both the iPad and iPhone.

"We want the user to turn the page on Flipboard feel like flipping pages in a magazine for real," says co-founder of Flipboard, Evan Doll.

Flipboard application for iPhone is now available for download in the App Store and can be used free of charge.

Which is still in question, when Flipboard available on Android-based smartphone or tablet. Flipboard presence in Android would have been highly anticipated by the users of Android.

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