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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

IDC Survey: iPad Up, Android Tablet Down

IDC Survey: iPad Up, Android Tablet Down

IDC research institute released a report that says the market share of Apple's operating system IOS (iPad) in the tablet market in 2012 will rise. Meanwhile, Android tablet market share fell slightly.

According to IDC, sales of tablet in the world in 2010 reached 19.4 million units. At that time, the IOS to gain share of about 75 percent, Android 24 percent, and the remaining 1 percent.

In 2011, sales had reached 69.6 million tablet units. iPad by holding its IOS 58.2 percent market share, Android 38.7 percent and 3.1 percent other. In 2012, IDC predicts worldwide tablet sales will reach 107.4 million units. IOS is still dominating the market share of about 62.5 percent, while Android decreased slightly to 36.5 percent and others 1 percent.

As for the year 2016, IDC predicts sales will reach 222.1 million tablet units. IOS is still dominating the market share with a number of around 59 percent, followed by Android 39 percent, and another 2 percent. So what about the BlackBerry OS? Its market share continued to decline from about 1.7 percent in 2011 to only about 1 percent in 2012.

IDC parties did not include Windows 8 or Windows OS RT due to be released. The new OS can be entered from the next quarter. "We think Windows 8 will also favored the market. But will not erode the market IOS or Android-based tablet," said IDC analyst Tom Mainelli.

With Retina Display features or capabilities that have the iPad 4G network connection, of course, users will upgrade the old iPad iPad old version to the new iPad.

So is the plan that Apple will release a mini iPad with an affordable price, around 300 U.S. dollars. Or if Apple can keep the price the iPad 2 around 399 U.S. dollars. If true, then the market share of IOS will continue to climb. Android will be slightly reduced.

Source: CNET


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