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Saturday, June 2, 2012

iPhone Nano is New Products of Apple

iPhone Nano is New Products of Apple  

Apple reportedly is preparing a small-sized low-priced iPhone. mini iPhone that will be launched simultaneously with the iPhone 5 later this year.

The news was said by a source of Apple products supply company in Taiwan. Smartphone that will be named the iPhone Nano.

As the name implies, this low-cost version of the iPhone will carry a different physical dimensions of a standard iPhone.

Photos alleged iPhone nano has even been spread on the Internet. Leaked photo of this outstanding, almost the size of the iPhone nano and the iPod nano can be used as a wristwatch.

Exorbitant price of the iPhone which makes it hard down the middle to reach them. The new iPhone 3G pricing has been lowered the price, is still considered quite expensive, especially when compared with the price of the Android smartphone.

If Apple really makes the iPhone Nano, the company founded by Steve Jobs is about to expand its market into low-end market.

Expected, sales of the iPhone Nano would not be bound by the contract price of the mobile operator. So, customers do not have to spend the just-in for Internet data services.

In addition to mini iPhone, Apple is also reportedly preparing a 7-inch iPad Mini, which will also be priced at a relatively affordable.

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