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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Laptop Super Thin Trends in 2012

Laptop Super Thin Trends in 2012  

Laptops are predicted to be a trend in 2012 is a laptop with a shape or a thin form factor and no longer uses an internal optical drive. The laptop vendor has also been prepared since the end of last year preparing for this super-thin laptop trend.

In addition, the vendor will also be competing to produce eco-friendly laptop that is sure to saving energy or so-called hybrid.

2011 years ago, there were several vendors have begun marketing a super thin laptop. As with the Acer Aspire S3, with Zenbook Asus, Lenovo IdeaPad U300S, and Toshiba Portege Z830.

There are two types of laptops "thin" that is predicted to experience rapid progress in the year 2012, namely ultrabook and of course, the MacBook Air from Apple, a computer manufacturer that has always been a trend setter.  

Apple MacBook Air

The design of the MacBook Air is super thin and light are expected to be developed and adopted into laptops made by Apple, including the MacBook Pro.

In this year, also rumors that Apple would make a laptop that has a high resolution screen, 2880 x 1800 pixels.

As for the engine MacBook Air, Apple will provide the processor with Intel Ivy Bridge, both Core i7 or Core i5. MacBook Air back to step forward because it has adopted the Thunderbolt technology from Intel, making it possible to transfer multimedia data more quickly.

In addition, MacBook Air also supported by USB 3.0 technology and will enhance the quality of graphics with a pin graphic card from Nvidia. There are other possibilities, the company founded by Steve Jobs will use the chip Apple A series of their own.


Most computer vendors will focus on developing ultrabook. Ultrabook a new subcategory of the type of portable computer or laptop. Thickness of less than 15 mm, thinner than a notebook and netbook. Also weighs less than 2 kg. Unlike netbooks, embedded hardware ultrabook qualified.

Most ultrabook continue using the operating system (operating system - OS) Windows. If Windows 8 to be launched at the beginning of this year, Microsoft's latest OS will dominate ultrabook. Moreover, Windows users are very familiar with the software that amounted to 4 million applications.

Most ultrabook will be equipped with an Intel Ivy Bridge, both the Core i5 or Core i7. For the laptop processor market, Intel is clearly still dominate the global market compared to AMD.

Slim size and light weight seems to have become a necessity of all consumer laptop, to be more easily carried anywhere. Both the MacBook Air and ultrabook, will increase battery life. Electricity consumption will also be minimized to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

However, both types of these laptops have the same problem, namely the relatively high price. Both of these products as if intended for high-end segment. Clearly, the vendor must compete ultrabook manufacturers offer competitive prices. Another story that Apple already has a loyal user.

Source: CNET


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