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Monday, June 4, 2012

Lost Cell Phone Can Be Tracked And "Shout"

Lost Cell Phone Can Be Tracked And "Shout"

Loss of a smartphonewould make a person frustrated because he must be prepared to lose important data. And, worse, it could be data stored in the e-mail or other document will be misused by the thief.

Norton Mobile Security is a security application trying to resolve the issue. This application can detect the presence of a lost smartphone. How, can be done remotely, by sending an SMS to a server or enter the site using Norton account.

By using the Google Maps service, the existence of a lost smartphone that can be detected. Norton Mobile Security will provide information presence in eight locations last smartphone. In addition, users can also create a smartphone "screaming" use the Scream feature.

How, by sending an SMS to the server Norton from phone numbers that have been registered previously, the smartphone will issue sounds pretty fresh for about 30 seconds. This is very useful when the smartphone is lost it is still to be near the owner. If no more hope of smartphones will come back, the last step you can do is lock your smartphone or delete all data.

When the smartphone is lost, then the thief remove the SIM card, the smartphone will automatically be locked. The only way that the thief can access the smartphone is to do a reset which means that all data will be erased.

Erase all data can also be done by the owner by sending an SMS to a server or through the Norton site. This application will erase all existing data in internal memory and external memory card.

Unfortunately, Norton Mobile Security has so far not to give online data backup service (cloud) to the data on the smartphone can be secured. Until now, online data backup service does not exist in Norton Mobile Security. But, do not rule out the possibility that feature will be available at a later date.

Norton Mobile Security is currently only available for Android devices, its trial version can be downloaded for free at Google Play. Estimated, a "full version" of this application priced at US $ 15. Norton Mobile Security is being developed for IOS-based devices.

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