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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Make Fear iPad Mini 7 Inch Tablet Manufacturers

Make Fear iPad Mini 7 Inch Tablet Manufacturers

Apple is rumored to be launching iPad "mini" with a 7.85-inch screen size, the end of 2012 this. Actual tangible plans new rumor is making manufacturers 7-inch tablet to worry.

As reported by Digitimes, the vendor unrest was revealed by a source who declined to mention his identity. The source also said that non-Apple tablet vendors have been able to survive because Apple has not entered into a 7 inch tablet market.

However, if Apple will really get into this segment, vendors are expected to face tight competition. 7-inch tablet in its own market, Samsung Electronics has announced plans to release a version of the Galaxy Tab 2 with Wi-Fi for $ 450 dollars and the 3G version for $ 550 dollars.

Asus also has plans to launch 7-inch tablet, 370T MEMO. This tablet uses a quad-core NVidia Tegra 3 and runs on top of Android 4.0. These tablets will be sold at a price of 249 dollars to challenge Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Meanwhile, Google reportedly will launch a 7-inch tablet in the second quarter of 2012, in cooperation with Asustek. Tablets will be sold for 199 U.S. dollars with analyst speculation that the tablet is actually a modified tablet Asus 370T. However, until this writing, the company has not confirmed.

Source: Digitimes


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