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Monday, June 11, 2012

Nokia Asha 302 Equipped 6 Months Free Music

Nokia Asha 302 Equipped 6 Months Free Music

After three phones Nokia launched a series of Asha, this time Nokia launched Asha 302. Special from this phone is that users can legally download songs, free, and easy.

Nokia Asha 302 equipped with a processor is quite capable, clock speed of 1GHz. Other specifications, Asha 302, has a 2.4 inch 320x240 pixel resolution, 140MB internal memory and MicroSD up to 32GB, 3.2 MP camera without flash, 3.5 G HSPA connectivity and Wi-Fi.

Asha 302 premises sold for U.S. $ 115 and has been bundling with 3 months free internet service. Asha has also provided 302 WhatsApp chat application. Availability of music content for free, but an official at this 302 Asha,

Nokia recognized as a necessity for the market, given the continued growth of mobile users and the internet. Nokia recognizes the importance of musical entertainment on mobile phones have become part of everyday life, users can download music from Nokia Music facilities available in the mobile phone 302 Asha and other Asha family. Free music download service is valid 6 months since the phone is activated.

Not only Asha, Nokia Music is also available in several other types of Nokia mobile phones. The process of downloading from Nokia Music also fairly easy. Staying open Nokia Music icon, select the title song or artist, and instantly download. Songs that are downloaded from the mobile format. AAC, with an average file size of 1MB to 2MB. Songs that have been downloaded from Nokia Music can be stored indefinitely and can be transferred to other computer devices.


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