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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nokia N9, Advanced Phone and Artistic

Nokia N9, Advanced Phone and Artistic  

Nokia N9 cell phone is a combination of technological sophistication and artistic elements. This gadget does not just support the thirst of technological innovation, but also the need to communicate lifestyle.

In addition to giving more attention to the design, Nokia is also offering features and innovations in technology in this phone. Nokia N9 as a gadget called the support of a lifestyle, not just the device.

This phone is the world's first handset that is made of polycarbonate in a single body with no connection to the series such as E7 or E8. The selection of bold colors such as black, magenta, and cyan is also a differentiator N9 series. This phone is also a work of art, stylish, has a beautiful design, but still meet the user interface.

N9 The first advantage that makes it different is the way that eliminates the use of mechanical keys. The operation of this phone completely using the touch screen sweep of a finger on the wide 3.9-inch AMOLED scratch. Simply by rubbing a finger from the screen edge to another edge, then the screen will take you to the main menu. This movement also allows users to browse applications in it.

Use of the full screen display on this phone provides more space for applications. Is also superior to N9 series lies in its ability to work simultaneously (multitasking). N9 is capable of displaying three main home screen. According to Nokia's research, this is what it takes smart phone users, which allows users to open many applications simultaneously, such as social media and other applications.

N9 also has a digital map in two languages. This smart phone also lets you surf the internet at speeds of more sophisticated use of HMTL 5 and richer content. 8 megapixel camera is also another advantage, complete with Carl Zeiss lens.

The latest wireless technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) also lets you exchange data, video, and photo only by combining the two handsets N9. Only by putting up two mobile phones Nokia N9, you can move data from one phone to another. NFC also lets you play a game of Angry Birds Magic. NFC allows you to play these games at any level.

N9 appear to be different, while delivering the message that smart phones are presented to those who appreciate art and bold look stylish in a different way.


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