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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Reading Flipboard Similar Reading Digital Magazine ?

Reading Flipboard Similar Reading Digital Magazine ?

Tired of reading Facebook and Twitter the same way? Download latest Flipboard application. You will be able to explore the social networks Facebook and Twitter with the design and layout is more cool, like reading a magazine.

Anything uploaded to Facebook and Twitter you and your friends, you can read with ease, including news and photos. Suppose you want to read a more complete story, you just click, and the original website immediately appear.

Of course, not just Facebook and Twitter that you can read in this Flipboard application.

If you want to follow the news of technological development for instance, you can simply add the content FlipTech by clicking on "Add a Section". You can also add the "All Things Digital" so you do not miss the latest news developments in the digital world.

If you like the work of a photo, you can add "FlipPhotos", and "Photojournalism NYT Picks". Or you like the development of fashion and style, just add "FlipStyle".

If you prefer to follow the development of the business world, please add "FlipBusiness". You can read the news from various websites and blogs about the business. Or you like writing home about, there FlipHome.

Many other interesting content, which you can read from this Flipboard application. Like travel, the roads? There is a "Lonely Planet" which contains various information about the tour, there is also a "Budget Travel" which contains information to travel frugally. Also there is a "National Geographic" which contains info from the official website, twitter, including photos and video.

Flipboard created from the JavaScript engine set of articles on the page that is formatted specifically for the iPad. Through semantic analysis, taxonomy article was structured so that headline, picture, photo captions, and "pullquotes" can be seen with the good.

No wonder it was named Flipboard application iPad App of the Year 2010 and one of 50 innovative applications in the same year.

The application is free FlipBoard is worth your download. Not only allows you to read the content and see photos uploaded your friends on Facebook and twitter, but you will also get a new experience to enjoy the sophistication of the iPad.


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