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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Replacing Bing Maps By Nokia Maps on Windows Phone 8?

Replacing Bing Maps by Nokia Maps on Windows Phone 8?

Bing Maps digital map services on the smartphone operating system Windows Phone, rumors will be replaced with Nokia Maps. Map service from Nokia is starting to run on Windows Phone version 8 (Apollo).

According WPCentral, a special site that highlights the development of Windows Phone, Nokia Maps will offer maps and navigation in 3D perspective.

In fact, reportedly, Nokia Maps will still exist on other smartphones out Nokia to adopt Windows Phone 8.

After buying a digital mapping company Navteq in 2007, mapping platform Nokia spreading its wings in the automotive industry. Nokia also continues to develop GPS applications in smartphones Nokia Drive Lumia series.

In addition to Nokia Maps, there are some other updates in Windows Phone 8. WPCentral preach, Windows Phone 8 will be integrated with Skype video call applications, NFC services, and improved camera.

Sources: WPCentral


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