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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Samsung Invest In Linux To Emulate the IOS

Samsung Invest In Linux To Emulate the IOS

Samsung states joined the Linux Foundation and instantly become a sponsor Platinum level. This level is the highest level in the membership structure that requires a donation of 500 thousand U.S. dollars per year.

Samsung's investment in the Linux Foundation, making the South Korean company that sits on the board of trustees and allow greater control in the Linux project, including Tizen mobile operating system, the newly born from the collaboration between Samsung, Intel, and Linux.

Tizen, which is an open source mobile operating system, touted to be an alternative after the IOS from Apple and Android from Google. Tizen and Android uses the same kernel, namely Linux.

According to a spokesman for the Linux Foundation, a step which strongly supports the Samsung Android and Tizen this, as if to attack Apple's position.

"Having just beat Nokia as the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer, Samsung is now clear that Apple is trying to attack with both the Linux operating system kernel," said a spokeswoman.

Realizing that Samsung can not continue to rely on Android, they look for new alternatives that could challenge the IOS. For this reason, Samsung dare to invest big in Lunux Tizen for research and development.

Source: Apple Insider


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