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Friday, June 8, 2012

Socialmatic: Combined Polaroid Camera and Instagram

Socialmatic: Combined Polaroid Camera and Instagram

What if the photos Instagram retro style can be printed directly without the hassle? The idea is embodied in the concept of ADR Studio homemade instant camera called Instagram Socialmatic.

Design Socialmatic picked directly from the application icon Instagram square shaped. The shape makes it instantly recognizable to anyone who has ever used Instagram.

The difference is, like the old school Polaroid instant print cameras, flat camera is equipped with an internal printer to print images with a vintage effect.

Instagram Socialmatic printed photos affixed with CR Code that can be scanned via smart phones or other devices to connect to the user's account Instagram. Behind him, there is sticker that lets users put a picture on the wall.

Not just print, Instagram Socialmatic also equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth to share pictures instantly via Facebook.

Navigation is done through the touchscreen display with 4:3 aspect ratio on the back. Used internal memory capacity of 16 GB. Other fixtures include LED flash lights, main lens with optical zoom, and a second lens to add a 3D filter effects.

Currently, Socialmatic still a concept. However, the manufacturers are trying to raise funds for the finalization of the development of this camera. Perhaps Instagram Socialmatic will become a reality.

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