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Monday, June 18, 2012

Why iPhone Factory Worker Suicide

Why iPhone Factory Worker Suicide  

Foxconn Technology Group, a major manufacturer of Apple products, on Thursday (6/14/2012), states that one of his employees back suicide.  

Workers 23-year-old man jumped from the roof of a 18-story apartment in the city of Chengdu, China, southwest of Foxconn factory.  

Suicide this time just one month working at Foxconn, the factory that makes electronic products from leading brands such as Apple, Dell, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Motive behind these actions are still being investigated.

This incident is the first time since Apple and Foxconn made an agreement to improve the welfare of 1.2 million workers who make products such as iPhone and iPad in March.

According to the agreement, Foxconn will employ thousands of new workers to reduce overtime from their employees who have been there. Security protocols and quality lodgings are among the things to be improved.

Last February, Foxconn has also announced an increase of 16-25 percent of wages for his workers.

Working conditions at Foxconn often gets the spotlight because many recorded cases of suicide and other acts related to poor working conditions.

In addition to dozens of suicides recorded since 2010 at the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, in January this year, about 300 people Foxconn workers threatened to commit mass suicide associated with the issue of wage increases. Events at that time had resulted in the production of the Xbox 360 game consoles stopped.

Last week, about 1,000 workers in Chengdu Foxconn reportedly raging in their guest-house complex.

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