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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Windows 8 "Consumer Preview"

Windows 8 "Consumer Preview"

Microsoft has released Windows 8 Beta version of the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, Spain, the end of February. Windows 8 Beta version of Windows 8 is also called the Consumer Preview.

There are many changes that occur in Windows 8. No wonder if Microsoft's newest operating system is very ambitious to be a success, not only in the line of desktop computers but also in the line of tablet and smartphone.


If you're one who likes to maintain the privacy of your computer device with a password, Windows 8 provides a new way of Picture Password, where you can go into the operating system by using his image as a password.

Put a different photo or have unique characteristics make it more secure and easier to remember. Photos will be displayed when the lock position or when you want to turn on the computer.

Security of these passwords picture comes from the way you touch your finger or draw certain parts of the photo. These systems record the combination of movement, the point of the movement, the direction of movement, and finger movements.

For the finger movement can be a point, line, or circle. Movements will be accepted as a valid access to Windows 8 interprets the movement as a password.

Picture this password is considered as an alternative method to login. If you enter an incorrect password five times the picture, the device will be locked until you log-in with the password as plain text and characters. Windows 8 is no longer providing the features of a face for log-in.


Jump to the main display Windows 8 performed by sliding. It's a big change considering Windows 8 have used the Metro interface. Title bar to move from one to another title bar, you can simply shift to the left or right.

Display menus and features checkered on Windows 8, called tile. Tile is organized by groups, such as Apps, People, Settings, and others. However, you can also customize the tile-tile.

If not familiar with the interface Metro, you can choose to display more or less the same desktop with the look of Windows 7.

As with previous Windows versions, in addition to navigate with a mouse and keyboard, Windows 8 is also able to navigate by touch. These display a virtual keyboard on Windows 8.

This kind of virtual keyboard is quite comfortable if used on a tablet in a vertical position, where your thumb can reach all the buttons placed on the right and left of the screen. By default, the numeric keys in place in the middle.


Consumer Preview in Windows 8, there have been applications email, calendar, contacts and messaging, but there is no appearance of Office programs.  

Internet Explorer Beta 10 

Consumer Preview in Windows 8, Microsoft Internet Explorer browser has been accompanying the Beta version 10. This is what the Internet Explorer display 10. URL bar at the bottom, while the tab is still above the bar but with a larger size.  

Windows Store.

For the first time, Microsoft promises Windows 8 will be equipped with an application store called Windows Store, which provides a wide range of applications both free or paid.

Store in Windows, users can download applications as well as gaining access to cloud storage (cloud storage) SkyDrive with the ability to access data in a variety of devices including mobile phones or tablet-based Windows 8. Curious to try out Windows 8 Consumer Preview? You can download it at this link.

Source: CNET


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