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Saturday, June 23, 2012

WP7 Phones Can Not "upgrade" to Windows Phone 8

WP7 Phones Can Not "upgrade" to Windows Phone 8

When Microsoft announced the Windows Phone 8, there's less fun for users of Windows operating system Phone smartphone version 7.

The news is old smartphone they can not be upgraded to Windows Phone version 8, including mobile-phone Windows Phone made by Nokia, Lumia.

This was disclosed Greg Sullivan, Senior Product Manager for Windows Phone from Microsoft. The reason, nothing about the limitations of the hardware (hardware) that make the smartphone does not support Windows Phone 8.

"This is because the phone is not equipped with multi-core processors. Several other components do not support," Sullivan said on the sidelines of the introduction of Windows Phone 8, Wednesday (20/06/2012).

Microsoft is making big changes in Windows Phone 8. In addition to supporting the use of multi-core processors, the operating system which will be released in late 2012 supports high-resolution screen and an external memory.

Microsoft recommends users of Windows Phone 7 in order to upgrade to Windows Phone version 7.8. This version provides the same interface with Metro Windows Phone 8, but not for its features.

 Metro Display in Windows Phone 8 will fill the entire screen smartphone. The boxes look smaller, but size can be arranged.

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