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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Google Announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Google Announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Google officially announced the Android mobile OS 4.1, named Jelly Bean, in i/o Google Conference in San Francisco, 2012 at the United States, Wednesday (27/06/2012). Jelly Bean was announced two weeks after the mobile OS to iOS version 6, Apple announced.

Jelly Bean undergoes several updates of the previous Android, version 4.0 ice cream sandwich. In the demonstration, Google has shown some short features on Jelly Bean. The following new features :

1. the keyboard can predict words When you type a message, and then the keyboard will intelligently predicts words that you want to type then.

2. the element by typing Feature allows users are not required to retype your virtual keyboard, because typing with voice messages to dictate what you typed without requiring an internet connection.

For function of keyboard and vocals by typing word prediction, is not yet known if two support the language of the Indonesia.

3. to update the camera application Jelly Bean undergoes updates on the application of the camera, which allows users to view photos. Enough movement of finger at the top of the screen to delete the photos.

Jelly Bean camera seems more refined and simplified compared with Ice Cream sandwich.

4. Butter project This feature is called butter (butter project). Aims to improve the performance of the Android operating system in its entirety. Among other things, increase the level of project system in the order of frames butter konsistem at 60 frames per second.

The project can also give the effect of soil-battery backup, because it is associated with the processor.

5 Google now features Siri-Virtual Assistant Not to be outdone by Apple that provides 4 s series PDA iPhone, Google has launched a series of similar characteristics, now known as Google. This function will give you the answers to all questions and commands that the user has.

Like Siri, this function must be connected to the internet to find answers is lontarkan. In the demonstration, a Google employee asked him: "what is the definition of a robot?".

This feature of the response: "a machine able to perform a series of complex measures".

Google reveals that this feature supports 18 languages. However, it is not yet certain if you want language support Indonesia.

Google can now also record your daily routine and help to looks at the history of your site which has been visited by the user. For example, if you are a user of the rail transport in each morning. Google now send the notice of your train usual calendar naiki. Not only this, Google now able to warn the time tend to remain stranded, promise, to the service.

Google confirms that the operating system will be integrated on the smartphone Jelly Bean, Samsung Galaxy Motorola Xoom Tablet and link Google Nexus S. They are ready to be launched in mid-July 2012.


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