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Monday, August 13, 2012

Red Hat Introduce Four "Hybrid Cloud" Solutions

Red Hat Introduce Four "Hybrid Cloud" Solutions

Provider of Open Source solutions, Red Hat, introduces four solutions for their "Hybrid Cloud". Plan solutions will present before the end of the year.

These solutions combine the entire product portfolio – including Red Hat, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Middleware, Storage, Red Hat Red Hat OpenShiftTM CloudFormsTM and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

"Cloud computing has introduced a new era in it and has brought companies to their IT strategy policy are most important at the moment," said Paul Cormier, president, Products and Technologies at Red Hat.  

Four of these solutions are :

OpenShift Enterprise PaaS Solution-a solution that allows companies to present applications in the cloud with more agile.

Red Hat Hybrid Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Solution – this includes the software needed to implement and manage hybrid cloud computing, including virtualization settings with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.

Red Hat Cloud with Virtualization Bundle-solution that allows users to move to cloud computing is faster by combining virtualization and cloud computing to the settings in the same scheme.

Red Hat Storage-already available for public in Red Hat Storage Server 2.0, this solution combines the innovation of the open source community and the standard x 86 servers.

Most Olympic-Themed Game In Search

Olympic fever is engulfing the world, especially the United Kingdom as his master turned out to have an impact on the sales game splendidly.

Game with the theme of the company's Olympic Games Sega, that London 2012: The Official Video Game to get the position of the number one sales in the United Kingdom.

While other games from Sega with the same theme, namely Mario & Sonic Olympic Games London 2012 ranks third.

Although the two games is not a new game, but the start of the Olympic Games makes both sales skyrocket.

Olympic Games in the first order for five weeks while the old Sonic & Mario games have been around since 10 months ago.

 Another Game affected by trends in the United Kingdom is a LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes who increased their sales to second place due to the release of the latest film costumed hero bat.

Source: Games Industry


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