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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sony Ion Xperia is Capable of Measuring their Competitors ?

Sony Ion Xperia is Capable of Measuring their Competitors ?

It is more than five months, we have seen prior to ion Xperia from Sony for AT & T, to demonstrate with LTE Android device and many others. The Xperia line is not well came here, thanks in large part in small equipment impressive and delay had the United States. Ion Xperia, end at the beginning, but the tendency to specifications showing that slightly exceeds your midrange Android phone standard, camera 12 megapixel Sony are LTE and above, including a 720 p display equipment. A perfect world. Sony Xperia ion would be a third of flagship at & phones Android T, with an x HTC and Samsung Galaxy S III completed.

The problem with this story is twofold: first, the long months since ion, Sony announced HTC Xperia and Samsung have announced and Shippedtheir Division of Android smartphones, each with significant advantages. Second, the software here is a generation behind, 2.3.7 Android instead of running ice cream sandwiches. The Xperia has a very difficult competition - you can measure?  

Equipment and Design

The best word to describe the Xperia is "important". It is certainly not the giant Samsung Galaxy note, he did y no way around the fact that a 4.6 inch screen means that the phone feel large enough for the purpose. Unfortunately (and), the ion Xperia feels also in Pocket format. 0.46 Inches point more thick in the middle of the phone and runs from top to bottom by its curved design.

The substance is partially by ion weight (4.9 oz) Xperia and overall, more industrial and aggressive aesthetic than many other phone on the market. The core of the Xperia ion is brushed curves of the back plate in aluminum, black. What would be a perfect symmetry of the axis of the camera, Flash, President, is artistically logo on the left and right sides of the length of track for the keys of the House and divided the door cover (under which find the MicroUSB and HDMI ports).

The top and bottom of the back of the phone are plastic, the former film above reveal the SIM card slot and MicroSD card slot. The edges of the angle slightly inward towards the facade of glass perfectly flat, telephone. Above is a helmet of 3.5 mm centered, while all of the buttons on the side right-fact, toggle the volume and a special key.

The physical buttons are small, but easy to find and the press, but the same can be said not the soft buttons on the front. Unfortunately, the objectives of the appearance of the buttons touch, menu and home are very small, between the screen and small horizontal fires. This fact very small goals and, worse still, it is necessary to touch the small horizontal lights instead of directly on it. The buttons are not backlit, so must their positions to meet to remember in the dark.  


The Xperia is a 4.6 inch, 720 p (1280 x 720) - LCD Panel. As usual, Sony is, has some marks in exhibit, called a "HD display" reality concepts and adds the "mobile BRAVIA Engine." generated. The first is a term for the density of pixel (342ppi) and the proximity of the pixels in the surface, while on the different filters and color adjustments are Sony Pictures and the video is applied.


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